Senior iOS Developer

March 2022 - present


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Lead the iOS team, we built the RUUT app from scratch. We've implemented an MVVM architecture using UIKit; work with an incredible backend architecture, consisting of a GraphQL database, Cloud Fare Workers, Auth0, Firebase, Knock, and other technologies; I've learn about leadership, problem solving, product, scrum, architecture, scalability and cybersecurity.


April 2023 - present

Neuron Peak |

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I founded Neuron Peak, so help people focus more on what they love, and less on managing their time, information and tasks. Neuron Peak will offer a power-user task manager, note-taking, and a time tracking app.

iOS Developer

August 2021 - March 2022


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Worked on a ERP app, for one of the biggest conglomerates of Mexico; here learned about the importance of architecture, how to build a scalable app, cybersecurity and corporate processes, needed to build a product for a big company.

Independent Developer

January 2020 - September 2021

ProLedger & JournalHabit |

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I developed and launched two apps to the App Store on my own. ProLedger, a personal finance app, and JournalHabit, a habit tracker. I learned about the importance of design, marketing, and how to build a product from scratch.